Quality Assurance

Prioritizing Safety:
Food and product safety are our top priorities, and we make sure that all of our products adhere to legal requirements.
In order to ensure the safety of all of our products, we additionally demand from our vendors that they subject them to even more rigorous testing.
We demand that all of our vendors test their products at independent labs and follow excellent manufacturing processes.

With Assurance Of Food Safety And Quality:
By inspecting hundreds of vendor facilities that manufacture branded items to ensure they adhere to legal requirements for food safety, quality and nutrition, and labeling standards, we safeguard our visitors and the general public.
We evaluate our food goods at the vendor’s plant, at our stores, and through feedback we get from customers in order to continuously check their safety and quality. Learn more about our quality control and food safety technologies and procedures.

Evaluating Brands:
Online purchases of frozen chicken parts, To guarantee product safety and quality at every level of production, we have systems and procedures in place. We inspect the factory before manufacturing begins and consult with the vendor and manufacturer. We demand that suppliers test their goods at independent labs all the way through manufacture.
Before being cleared for shipment, a product must pass all tests.

Product Recalls And Inquiries:
When one of our goods is reported to have a problem, we look into it and, if necessary, promptly take it off our shelves and online.
We lock the item number at the cash register and online to prevent the sale of recalled goods.
Any visitor who purchased a recalled item using a RED card receives phone follow-up from us as well.
On our website and on in-store kiosks, you may always find connections to the most recent recall information.