About Us

Full-service chicken, hog, and beef exportation enterprise Agro Metro Mart provides a number of services. Agro Metro Mart. has been active in Brazil and other countries since 1998 with a hand-selected group of the best businessmen and professionals, supporting the growth of local industries, forming joint ventures, and providing business opportunities for small businesses and producers who are unfamiliar with the complex global business environment.
We are proud to say we are at the forefront of innovative business marketing and the supply of goods exceeds client demands, hence our motto: Exceeding your expectations. Our general know-how and determination to set higher standards for ourselves have given us the edge in business and marketing.

Our influence has grown our local shear of influence in Sweden and we can now say we have a presence on 9 continents through our network of partner businesses, producers, and industries.

Our Vision:

When it comes to technological advancements used in the manufacture of meat products, the processing of meat, and the usage of natural fibers in those goods, we want to be the go-to source. What sets us apart from the competition is our experience and knowledge in the manufacture and trading of raw materials, additives, and technology. You, our customer, can use this expertise.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to process and create premium-quality meat, meat products, and natural fibers. Our mission is to provide trustworthy and knowledgeable technical support and guidance while also expanding responsibly as a provider of meals for both human and animal consumption. By striving for the best quality and providing dependable and flexible logistical solutions, we work to be a partner for our clients.

Our Aim:
In an ever-changing/dynamic global business climate, our goal is to build long-term business connections with worldwide strategic partners (customers and suppliers), creating a win-win situation for everyone involved and fostering global cooperation.

A capable team:
Because of the dedication of our skilled staff in providing premium frozen meat in packaging at affordable costs, our business has gained trust among customers. Our purchasing agents thoroughly inspect the meat products on multiple counts for hygienic conditions, nutritional value, shelf life, and other factors. Our team members include:

  1. Buyers’ agents
  2. Expertise in warehousing and packaging
  3. Executives in sales and marketing, among others

The Storage Unit:
We have a huge, temperature-controlled warehouse that is all ours. It houses all of our frozen meat varieties and can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. Additionally, we keep sanitary conditions so that the quality of our meat is not compromised.

Innovative Logistics Network:
We are able to allow quick deliveries of even urgent and large orders of frozen meat thanks to our excellent logistical network. Within the allotted time, it covers any nation in the world as well as any region within a nation